Hiero Marketing is an advertising management company offering executive level account leadership and strategy within an innovative non-traditional framework. Our senior account team members work directly with clients to create a comprehensive and integrated advertising strategy to meet their unique needs. Once objectives and priorities are identified, Hiero searches out, secures and oversees the sub-contracting of service partners who have been assembled specifically to deliver on that strategy and meet those needs.


By decoupling the services of a traditional advertising agency, and ‘blowing up’ the AOR (Agency of Record) model, we are able to cherry pick the best and the brightest freelance and specialty talent out there. Hiero’s modular structure gives us a unique ability to react quickly to market changes and client requests that larger traditional agencies cannot match, while at the same time minimizing overhead, reducing waste and maximizing the return on the client’s budget.

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Hiero Marketing is made up of business, strategic, creative and media partners across Canada.  We work as a team to offer clients an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to marketing and communications needs.

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